Our Facilities


We can boast of the spacious classrooms, which are airy and well-lit with natural light. The classrooms are excellently furnished to make the students learning a comfortable and enjoyable experience. All classrooms are Digital classrooms with Smart boards and well equipped with all smart learning facilities. These digitally enhanced classrooms make teaching more effective and learning for interesting, ideal and fun.


The entire school campus, which includes all classrooms, activity rooms, corridors and grounds, is under complete CCTV camera surveillance 24/7, for the safety and well-being of all students, staff and school property at all times. A separate team of specialists who are well-equipped with all necessary equipment to maintain and ensure safety in school at all times.


One of the special attractions is the School Auditorium, which is of international standards, centrally air conditioned with a large seating capacity. A platform that enables the students to express their creative talents and onstage dramatic skills, while eradicating the concept of stage fear.


The world has moved on from learning English to Spanish, Japanese, French, etc. Why should we stay behind? Students are provided with native speakers’ and language experts’ material in audio and video formats in the language laboratory. Teachers can prepare the course ware material of their own in audio and video formats and integrate them to the language lab system.


A day at RRSGS is an entirely different experience altogether. The picturesque site and blossoming green environment makes the campus, free from pollution. The campus is spread over 10 acres of lush green land. The school is also easily reached by public transportation. We have a well ventilated school structure with safe and hygienic indoors and outdoors.


The Library is unrivalled with numerous books for student reference and good reading. The library also has Digital content for students of all classes. The students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important centre for learning. The school subscribes to sufficient number of newspapers and magazines suitable for students.


The school has well-equipped computer laboratories stocked with educational CDs and DVDs. A computer-student ratio of 1:2 is maintained to enable students to work comfortably at each computer. Classrooms are equipped with Edu Comp to enhance learning. Audio-visual classrooms with aids like LCD projectors are used regularly to make learning more enjoyable and interesting.


The school has bus facility that covers an enormous area. Specially designed buses for the safety & comfort of the students are used. The students are picked and dropped by the escorts. The routes are planned in such a way that the travel time of the children is minimised.


The School has a first aid facility of its own. Regular medical check-ups for the entire school will be done routinely. Reports of any medical examination will be sent to the parents of students who require special treatment. The school will have tie-ups with all Specialists who will be made available if it is required.


To ensure that the school always has electricity, so that classes aren’t hampered and the students may study comfortably without any difficulties, the school has a back-up generator facility to ensure that the school has uninterrupted electric supply.