Message from the Director’s Desk

Dr. Sanjay Sinh


In 1948, the newly formed United Nations (UN) declared, under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that education is a human right. However, even before supranational bodies like the UN recognized the indispensable nature of education towards improving human capital, the Amethi royal family was at the forefront of setting up educational institutions in the United Provinces, with the first school set up in 1901.

Today, RAJARSHI RANANJAY SINH GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS runs over 10 educational institutions, from Primary Schools to Professional Institutes.

My ancestors understood that a country’s biggest asset is its human resource, with education contributing significantly in the appreciation of that asset. However, today there is a need to understand that years of education aren’t commensurate with employability, with lack of English skills acting as a major hindrance. Further, I understood that while we spend significantly in enhancing technical skills of a student, we have to improve his/her employability as well. To do this, we have to start at a very early age, at the primary school level.

RAJARSHI RANANJAY SINH GLOBAL SCHOOL, AMETHI is a step in that direction. Students, at this school, will be nurtured, challenged, and educated with a long view towards global employability.

We hope to maintain a clarity of purpose in our efforts and invite all to participate in this endeavour.

Dr. Ameeta Sinh


“Educate a girl you educate a family, educate two girls you educate a village”, so goes the saying. If we want to understand the brass tacks of the issue, a country’s growth and development are closely linked with the empowerment of its women. And where does that empowerment start? It begins with education, for it is the greatest gift a society can provide a girl child. How can a nation progress if half of its citizenry isn’t contributing? Education is the catalyst that unleashes that untapped potential.

Our family has contributed significantly towards the education of women, with Rani Sushma Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Amethi and Rani Sushma Devi Girls High School, Munshiganj, Amethi standing as a testament to our efforts.

RAJARSHI RANANJAY SINH GLOBAL SCHOOL, AMETHI will be an important addition to our endeavour to provide high quality and forward-looking education to our students. Both girls and boys will have access to world-class facilities, readying them for a dynamic and a fast-paced global environment.

Challenges abound, but so do opportunities. We embark upon this journey with buoyancy and hope for support from all our stakeholders.